The 14th International Conference on Discrete Mathematics:
Discrete Geometry and Graph Theory

is planned to take place in Bucharest (August 31 – September 4, 2020).
Updated on: 25 February 2020  —  Contact:

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The lectures of the conference will take place at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (a red circle on the map below). For evenings: In walking distance (500 m south) is old Bucharest (Lipscani) with small restaurants and bars. 500 m further south, still in walking distance, is Calea Șerban Vodă 36 (a blue Z on the map below), where we can meet (as earlier usual in the Hilbert space).

Participants who definitely confirmed:

R. Euler (Brest)
J. Kincses (Szeged)
M. Prunescu (Bucharest)
A. Rivière (Amiens)
A. Shabbir (Lahore)
C. Zamfirescu (Ghent)
C. Vîlcu (Bucharest)
V. Guțu (Chișinău)
C. Niculescu (Craiova)
L. Yuan (Shijiazhuang)
D. Frettlöh (Bielefeld)
C. Calude (Auckland)
I. Tomescu (Bucharest)
M. Stupariu (Bucharest)
K. Bezdek (Calgary)
Ch. Zamfirescu (New York)
G. Brinkmann (Ghent)
B. Wang (Shijiazhuang)
E. Baskoro (Bandung)
L. Ornea (Bucharest)
K. Adiprasito (Copenhagen)
S. Malik (Lahore)

Humans who responded,
but are undecided so far:

B. Et-Taoui (Mulhouse)
A. Fruchard (Mulhouse)
V. Pambuccian (Phoenix)
J. Rouyer (Mulhouse)
F. Fodor (Szeged)
C. Nara (Tokyo)
G. Wiener (Budapest)
I. Bárány (Budapest)
K. Ozeki (Yokohama)
N. Van Cleemput (Ghent)
J. Itoh (Sugiyama)

We acknowledge financial support from the
Centre Francophone de Mathématiques,
organized by IMAR in cooperation with the
Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie,
and also from Bitdefender.

We also acknowledge logistical help from the
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
University of Bucharest


Mihai Prunescu

Costin Vîlcu
00407712 53886

Tudor Zamfirescu
00407621 88088